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If your garage is attached to your home, we would recommend Our Duratherm insulated sectional garage door. There are a few things you need to consider in your decision:

Physical Security: First there is the physical security aspect. As the garage is attached to your home you want to ensure that the garage door does not provide an opportunist with easy access to your home. The sectional garage door is the most secure garage door we offer delivering exceptional performance and security.

Insulation & Draught Resistance: Constructed from 42mm thick insulated sections the sectional garage door includes full perimeter weather seals that ensures optimum draught resistance. The door panels deliver excellent thermal performance and the sectional door is the only garage door with a credible U-Value (0.51 W/(m2K) through the section).

Noise Proofing: The sectional garage door also acts as an excellent noise barrier due to the robust construction with the 42mm think, dense panels.

Design: If your garage is attached to your home the sectional garage door has many design, colour and window options to choose from to best complement its surroundings. The garage door can be a highly visible feature of your home and it is amazing how much the design of a door influences the overall aesthetics of the surroundings.

Today there is an ever increasing number of insulated roller doors being offered in the market however there is a big difference in terms of quality and safety between some of the differing door manufacturers.

The main reason why some doors being offered show cost differences is that they are not legal and do not have the required safety levels that the law demands built into the door. As insulated roller doors are automated as standard the law requires that the leading edge of the curtain must have safety reverse functionality included in the event the door curtain comes into contact with anything before it reaches its resting position. If your garage door does not have this function included it has the potential to entrap and seriously harm or kill someone.

At DoorTec we only supply compliant products that are both legal and safe. Please don’t take a risk. If you have any concerns regarding insulated roller doors please contact a member of our staff for some expert impartial advice.

Standard DuraRoll Doors – To install a Standard DuraRoll door you require 95mm room each side of the opening. Should you wish to automate your door you require 125mm room at one of the sides only. Above the opening you will require a minimum of 431mm headroom for full opening of the door.

Mini DuraRoll Doors – To install a Mini DuraRoll door you require 95mm room each side of the opening. Should you wish to automate your Mini DuraRoll door you require 125mm room at one of the sides only. Above the opening you will require 355mm headroom for full opening of the door.

Yes, you have the option of having a manual or automated DuraRoll roller door. When automating the roller door we use the ultra-reliable LiftMaster LM750 rolling door operator. This is supplied with 2 x hand transmitters and a convenient wireless wall station.

LiftMaster are the World’s No.1 garage door automation company.

The DuraRoll door has a unique broad profile design, available in a multitude of standard colours that lends itself perfectly to residential applications. It is manufactured from quality Tata Steel that is 25% heavier than most of our main competitors adding additional strength making it a much more robust solution.

As our roller door operates vertically you can also utilise all of the available space on your drive versus a traditional canopy or one-piece garage door that kicks out when opening. We take security seriously and we only use full metal lock body mechanisms within our locks unlike alternative models that incorporate plastic components.

The roller door also provides a clean solution within the garage rolling up neatly behind the garage opening.

We offer the Standard DuraRoll door is up to 304mm (11ft) in width and 3048mm (10ft) in height. The Mini DuraRoll is available up to 3048mm (10ft) in width and 2134mm (7ft) in height.

Standard 77mm Doors – To install a standard 77mm door you require 75mm room each side for doors up to 4500mm overguide width and 90mm room each side for doors up to 5200mm overguide width. Above the opening you will require 300mm headroom for doors up to 2250mm in height and 350mm headroom for doors taller than 2250mm.

Our insulated roller doors are automated as standard and come with 2 x hand transmitters. It also comes with a built in safety edge, The safety edge is a safety reverse functionality in the event the door curtain comes into contact with anything before it reaches its resting position.

There are numerous advantages to an insulated roller door. It is automated as standard providing a convenient solution for your home. There is a wide range of standard colours to choose from to complement your surroundings (Also available in Ral Colours). The door operates vertically providing you with more space on your driveway and you have a nice neat appearance on the inside of your garage without the need for tracks.

To achieve an effective seal you must ensure you have a level floor for the bottom of the door seal to close against. Whilst commonly referred to as an “insulated roller door” we must also advise that although the door is constructed form insulated slats it does not have an attributable U-Value.

If insulation is a key requirement we would recommend our 40mm insulated sectional garage door range.

In the event of a power cut you can operate the door via a manual override handle that is supplied with all doors. This facility is only applicable for emergency circumstances. You must have an alternative access point to get inside your garage to use the manual override should there be a power failure.

If you do not have alternative access to your garage you would need to also consider installing an external emergency override that con operate the door without the need to access the garage.

The sectional garage door is the most robust, reliable and top performing garage door within our range. Constructed from 42mm thick insulated double steel skin sections this model is available in a wide range of design and colour options to suit any home. Our Police Preferred Specification is a certified Secured by Design automated sectional garage door that is tested and approved to burglar resistance STS2002 Level BR1 for garage doorsets.

The Secured by Design program supports the principals of “Designing out Crime” through physical security processes giving you additional peace of mind.

The U value of a garage door is a measure of the amount of heat that passes through a surface area of 1m2 for each degree of temperature difference between the inside and outside. Therefore, the lower the U value, the more energy-efficient the material is. The U value is a function of the thickness of the material and the material’s thermal conductivity.

A common misconception regarding sectional doors is to take the U value of the panel (or even just the U value of the foam) and to apply it to the whole door. In the case of our sectional door panel the U value is 0.51 W/(m2K).

To properly calculate the true U value of a sectional Door, one needs to consider not only the U value of the sectional panel (which differs from one manufacturer to another) but also to include the panel joints, side seals and any other places that the heat can be conducted on an assembled door.

The Duratherm sectional Doors have been tested for thermal performance at the SP technical institute in Sweden.

  • Duratherm through the section U value 0.51 W/(m2K)
  • Duratherm Installed Door U value 1.3 W/(m2K)

A sectional garage door can be operated manually however most of our customer (around 90%) opt to have their garage door automated. We use LiftMaster to automate our Sectional Garage Doors, they are the world’s No. 1 garage door automation company and lead the way in terms of reliability, safety and SMART garage door technology.

All of our domestic sectional garage doors when automated are supplied with 2 x quality hand transmitters and an extremely convenient wireless wall button. You also have the option to control and monitor your garage door remotely via a smartphone (iPhone & android) bringing a new level of convenience and user experience to the garage door.

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